Today, Seventh Street is known for its ministry to people and the quick pace of its growth, both numerically and spiritually. The church, though, has a rich history that dates back to the 1800’s. On August 26, 1877, seven church members organized the Baptist Church of Christ of Cullman, Alabama. A division in the church occurred in 1892. The fellowship decided to become two fellowships with one group meeting on the eastern side of town and the other meeting on the western side of town. The church then became the West Cullman Baptist Church located on the corner of Fourth and Austin Street.
By 1905 there were 42 members and 60 enrolled in Sunday School. That year, this group of Baptists joined a group of German Baptists from out in the county. They organized the First German Baptist Church. They moved to Seventh Street and Eighth Avenue, West. The land was donated to the German Baptist in 1889 by the L. & N. Railroad.
In 1927, the church needed an annex built to the existing church. In 1933, the first budget was adopted. It was on December 14, 1941, that the church changed its name. It was changed from the First German Baptist Church to Seventh Street Baptist Church because of the war with Germany. In 1950, our present sanctuary and education building were built. In 1978, the new office and family life center were built.
The church has been a staple in the community for many years. Not only is it a meeting place, but it is a second home to many of its members. Seventh Street Baptist Church has the authority/purpose to advance the Christian Faith and particularly the teachings and practices of the Southern Baptist denomination throughout the world- locally, nationally, and internationally as directed in the message of Jesus Christ as set forth in the Holy Bible.